How much money are WE trying to raise?

Based on a skatepark size of 12,000 square feet we estimate the cost to be approximately $450,000. This amount assumes no in-kind donations and is based on a cost of roughly $35 to $40/square foot. This number can fluctuate based on several factors that you can read about here. With in-kind donations we believe we can reduce the skatepark cost by 25% to 30%. In-kind donations include professional services, materials, equipment, and labor to name a few. If you feel you are in a position to help in this area please feel free to contact us.

Are there grant monies available to help the skatepark project?

We will be looking into various grants from Texas Parks & Wildlife, LCRA, and other entities that support public parks. The City of Dripping Springs has access to a grant writer that can assist us with the process. If you are aware of any grants or funds that will benefit the skatepark please don't hesitate to contact us.

How long do you plan on fundraising?

We anticipate the fundraising process will take no more than three years. This is a conservative estimate and we're optimistic that we can reach our goal during this timeframe. After the first year of fundraising we will assess where we are and determine if it's time to being the grant writing process. Our goal is to begin the skatepark build in early 2021 with anticipated completion by summer.

What will be the size of the skatepark?

12,000 square feet. This number was calculated using an industry standard formula known as the Skatepark Adoption Model (SAM). We also factored into account that Dripping Springs is growing rapidly and we'd like to have a skatepark that can support our growing community.

Aside from monetary donations what can I do to help?

Any efforts to help spread the word will be greatly appreciated. We've printed many brochures and stickers so if you'd like to help distribute them please let us know. We also accept in-kind donations that consist of professional services, materials, equipment, and labor to name a few. We have a list of specific items if you'd like to inquire about them.

What other towns in Central TX have skateparks?

Public skateparks are popping up all over Central, TX. City governments are catching on that skateparks are a great way to attract visitors as well as provide residents with an alternative means of recreation. Buda, Seguin, Taylor, Johnson City, Fredericksburg, Cedar Park, and of course Austin have built public skateparks.

How much will the skatepark cost to maintain?

Skateparks require a minimal amount of maintenance. We estimate that the Dripping Springs Skatepark will cost less than $5,000/yr to maintain. This will include trash pick up and blowing concrete surfaces after a hard rain. Skatepark maintenance will be handled by Dripping Springs Parks & Recreation.