Dripping Springs Skatepark


To bring a free, regional skatepark to Dripping Springs residents and neighboring areas. We believe in the need for additional recreational opportunities for our children. Working with community members and local organizations we will continue to raise funds and awareness, which will make the skatepark a reality.


We are parents, students, teachers, and community members working together towards a common goal. Since 2014 our committee has brought skateboarding to hundreds of kids in the community through Dripping Springs Community Education. With this momentum and interest, we presented the need for a public skatepark to city leadership in 2017 and City Council unanimously approved the skatepark proposal. As a result of our efforts, the City of Dripping Springs generously donated a 1.5 acre tract of land in Founders Memorial Park for the skatepark.



Skateboarding is a physical, mental, and creative outlet for millions of youth across the United States. While Dripping Springs youth programs provide a variety of exceptional recreational opportunities for our children, many of the programs are focus on kids age 13 and under. A skatepark provides our middle and high school age students an opportunity to be outdoors, active, and challenge themselves while staying within the city limits.


We believe Founders Park is the ideal home for the skatepark. The City of Dripping Springs has generously donated 1.5 acres for the project. While there are several parks in Dripping Springs, Founders is located in the heart of our community. The skatepark will be located at the north end of the property, just beyond the football fields. The addition of the skatepark will attract visitors of all ages and provide a safe place to recreate close to home.


The designs below are conceptual and were provided to us by SPA Skateparks from Austin, TX. The idea behind these concepts is to demonstrate how aesthetically pleasing modern skatepark design can be. Our goal will be to build a plaza style skatepark that is consistent with the look and feel of Founders Memorial Park. As we get further into the fundraising process we will hold meetings and gather community input on the overall features and flow of our future skatepark.


The timeline below shows our journey from an idea in March, 2014 to kicking off fundraising in April, 2018 at Founders Day Parade. Many individuals and organizations have put in countless hours and brought valuable expertise to this project. We couldn't have made it this far without them. Our next major milestone is to raise the necessary funds to get the skatepark designed and built by Summer, 2021! If you want more specifics on skatepark size and cost please check out our FAQs page.



As of 2017, DSISD is the second fastest growing school district in Texas. The chart below shows a moderate growth scenario over the next 10 years. Our district will double in size during this timeframe and we believe that a percentage of these students will benefit from the recreational opportunities that a skatepark will provide. If you'd like to learn more about the district's demographic study you can do so here.

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